Interviews with residents & experts

Fieldwork update - Rotherham and Derry-Londonderry 

We are currently conducting online and face-to-face interviews with people living and/or working in Rotherham West and Waterside in Derry-Londonderry. 



Qualitative research

What the qualitative study is about

Our project investigates how boundaries between communities shape the experiences and life outcomes of those who live near them. Specifically, we are interested in the role of so-called ‘social frontiers’. These arise when there are distinct boundaries between neighbouring communities rather than a more gradual blending of communities at the border. We would like to find out where, if at all, such boundaries exist and people’s experiences of living near them. We are interested in how people perceive such boundaries and how this varies depending on their particular background and life circumstances.

As part of this study, we are talking to residents and practitioners who live or work in Masbrough in Rotherham and Waterside in Derry-Londonderry to bring lived experience as evidence to the research. The study aims to raise awareness of challenges and opportunities associated with living near social frontiers. It will produce findings that will be of interest not only to the academic community, but also to UK policy-makers and practitioners from voluntary and public sector organisations.

If you wish to get involved in the study either as a resident of these areas or as a local practitioner, please contact or call: +44 114 222 6288, and leave your contact details. 


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