Journal articles, blogs, presentations and other research outputs created by the research team from the Life at the Frontier and related research projects. Outputs are listed below under the following headings: Social Frontiers, Segregation, Immigration, and Inequality.

Social Frontiers:

  • Dean, N., Dong, G., Piekut, A., & Pryce, G. (2019). Frontiers in residential segregation: Understanding neighbourhood boundaries and their impacts. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, 110(3), 271-288, available here.
  • Pryce, G. (2018) Peace walls and other social frontiers can breed crime and conflict in cities, The Conversation, 5th June 2018, available here.


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  • Zhang, M. L., & Pryce, G. (2019). The dynamics of poverty, employment and access to amenities in polycentric cities: Measuring the decentralisation of poverty and its impacts in England and Wales. Urban Studies, available here.



Research Outputs

As our Life at the Frontier project progresses, we will use this page to share other research outputs (research briefings, data, visualizations, videos etc.) under the following headings:

Social Frontiers






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