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Information on data content and management

In this section we provide information for Norwegian citizens regarding the use of their data in the project. Norwegian translation available here.

Information about the research project

Life at the Frontier: The Impact of Social Frontiers on the Social Mobility and Integration of Migrants, NordForsk # 95193

In this section, we give you information about the aims of this research project and what the project means for you.


Our goal is to understand the role that Social Fronts have in determining social mobility and integration of immigrants and other groups. Social boundaries occur when nearby neighborhoods are very different in terms of their cultural, ethnic and/or social composition, and when the transition
between these characteristics occurs abruptly, rather than gradually. Recent research shows that social boundaries are
linked to higher levels of anxiety, depression and crime.

Our concern is that social boundaries also hinder educational and employment outcomes, leading to lower social mobility.

Our research program will investigate the impact of social boundaries on social mobility and their implications for integration using a combination of in-depth qualitative research and innovative quantitative methods.

Who is responsible for the research project?

Høgskulen på Vestlandet is responsible for the project. We will collaborate with researchers from Sweden and Great Britain. They do not get access to our data.

Why are you included in the study?

Statistics Norway (SSB) administers a number of register data that contain information on Norwegians citizens and  businesses. This includes, among other things, the personal register, the employer register, the tax lists and the register of enterprises and businesses. This data contains information on names, social security numbers, place of residence, income, employment and company structure. SSB uses this data to create statistics and analyzes that provide insight into society and the economy, and the data is also used by researchers and others who need reliable and detailed information about the population and business life in Norway.

Everyone who lives in Norway and has a personal identification number will be included in these registers. We do not have
access to your social security number, it has been anonymised by Statistics Norway. The project is allocated data from Statistics Norway, they is stored with us on a secure server, where only a few named researchers have access. We must have permission from Sikt to access data and use it. The management at Høgskulen på Vestlandet has said
agree with Sikt's assessment.

You can protest

You can object to being included in this research project at any time, and you don't have to to state any reason. There will be no negative consequences for you if you choose to object.

All your personal data will then be deleted. But note that the data does not contain social security numbers, so
this can only happen if, against presumption, it is possible to indirectly identify you in the data material.

Your privacy - how we store and use your information

We will only use the information about you for the purposes we have described in this article. We process the information confidentially and in accordance with the privacy regulations.

The following people at HVL will have access to data:

  • Professor Liv Osland
  • Associate professor Henrik Lindegaard Andersen
  • Professor Inge Thorsen
  • PhD candidate: Karl Gunnar Severinsen
  • PhD candidate: Alexander William Myatt
  • Lecturer: Arnstein Gjestland.

We do not have access to your social security number. We store all data on a secure research server, with access restriction and we have to go through several steps to log in to the server. The data will not be shared with others.

The research results will be published in research articles, but it will not be possible to identify individuals.

What happens to your information when we end the research project?

All data to which we have gained access must be deleted. As it takes time to publish research articles, so will the data is not deleted immediately after the project period is over.

What gives us the right to process personal data about you?

We process information about you because the research project is considered to be in the public domain interest, but you have the opportunity to object if you do not wish to be included in the project.

Commissioned by the University of Western Norway, Sikt - the Knowledge Sector's service provider privacy services assessed that the processing of personal data in this project is in  accordance with the privacy regulations.

Your rights

As long as you can be identified in the data material, you have the right to:

- to protest
- access to which personal data is registered about you
- to have personal data about you corrected,
- to have personal data about you deleted, and
- to send a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection

 Information on the processing of your personal data

If you have questions about the study, or want to know more orto exercise your rights, you can contact:

  • The University of Western Norway, via  Liv Osland (email:
  • Our data protection representative: Trine Anikken Larsen (email:

If you have questions related to the assessment of the project made by Sikt's privacy services, you can contact:

  • Privacy services by email ( or by phone: 73 98 40 40.

With best regards,
Liv Osland
Project Manager (Researcher/supervisor)


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